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As the global world undergoes major changes not seen in more than a century, various industries are facing serious challenges and impacts. This situation has caused many real industries to encounter resistance to growth. It is against this backdrop that the founding team of LSSC moved from the traditional financing industry to the fast-growing sharing industry in 2024.

LSSC's founding team not only has extensive experience in building many unicorn companies prior to this, but also participated in the financing of well-known companies in the sharing industry, such as Mobay and Bird. In order to better meet the needs of the public, we have conducted in-depth discussions and researches with industry practitioners over the past four years, and have made an in-depth analysis of the needs of the public.

LSSC(Lightning Shared Scooter Co., Ltd.)

In 2024, LSSC (Lightning Shared Scooter Company) was born with the aim of solving the public's "one-mile" micro-mobility problem.

LSSC, a leading shared scooter company, is committed to providing convenient, green and efficient short-distance transportation solutions around the world. We have established a strong market position in several regions in Asia.

We have launched our products in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Russia and other countries.

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