Legal and regulatory statements:

This statement aims to clearly summarize the legal and regulatory provisions of the management app for scooters under Lightning Shared Scooter Co., Ltd. Its core goal is to ensure that we respect and protect the legitimate rights and interests of all users, ensure the security of user funds, and enable users to have a deep understanding of the legitimacy of our operating model and the government's supervision it is subject to.

Our management application is a non open rental platform aimed at providing users with the opportunity to earn profits through renting shared skateboards. We are committed to creating a safe and compliant environment, allowing users to earn income through legal means. To achieve this grand goal, the LSSC management end recruits tenants worldwide and emphasizes that all users must strictly follow our usage agreement and relevant regulations.

Lightning Shared Scooter Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Hong Kong and operates in accordance with Hong Kong regulations and our Hong Kong business license, with strict supervision of our activities. At the same time, we also have an MSB license in the United States, strictly complying with US government regulatory regulations, and providing a legal and compliant profit environment for all users.

To ensure the security of user funds, LSSC provides strong financial security measures for users. All fund transactions conducted on our platform will be subject to strict supervision and protection. We take multiple security measures to ensure that user funds are fully protected in all aspects such as transfer, withdrawal, and profit.

We firmly believe that every user should enjoy our services in a fair and secure environment. Therefore, laws and regulatory policies are important components of our operational work. We strongly recommend that all users carefully read and understand these policies.

We promise to provide the highest quality service, with the most professional attitude, to achieve diversified operational methods and continuous innovation. This is not only our pursuit of work, but also our creed. We look forward to your participation and support to create a better future together with us

Relevant laws and regulatory agencies

  • 《Hong Kong Business Registration Ordinance》
  • 《Hong Kong Payment Systems and Deposit Services Ordinance》
  • 《Financial Privacy Act of the United States》
  • 《Financial Modernization Act of the United States》
  • 《Australian Securities and Investment Commission》
  • 《Canadian Financial Consumer Protection Framework》
  • 《Canadian Financial Consumer Rights Act》

Our company solemnly reminds LSSC users not to log in and access illegal websites that impersonate LSSC, in order to avoid being deceived and harmed.