Shared Scooter Series

Lightning Scooter

Lightning sharing scooter overall body compact, net weight 22kg, load 150KG, both beautiful and practical; front and rear 10 inch padded tyres, travel more reliable; 36V16Ah battery, ultra-long 60KM range, travel safer; ergonomic design and intelligent interaction, the operation of a smoother and more convenient, the speed of the hand and the sense of touch to achieve upgraded; the new basket can be placed in the bag and so on. The new basket can hold bags and other belongings, which enhances the safety factor of riding.



The Lightning Shared Scooter Pro Max Pro travels seven times faster and climbs hills 20% faster.The Pro Max Pro features a 551Wh high-capacity battery and 10-inch puncture-resistant, durable tyres, a top LED power and speed display, a six-tube Intelligent Battery Protection System with Battery Replacement, and snow tyres that adapt to a wide range of environments.

LSSC charging cabinet

The intelligent charging cabinet has the characteristics of scanning code charging, overload power-off, and self stopping when fully charged to ensure safety; It has convenient features such as operation management, fault detection, and remote control.


Operation process


Capacity and Supply Chain

Exclusive cooperation with global market share leaders, integrating the world's best skateboard supply chain resources, with high quality, efficiency, and production capacity.

APP Smart Butler

By connecting to the Smart Ski app via Bluetooth, users can view their current riding speed, remaining battery, and other information on their mobile phones. They can also upgrade the firmware of the scooter, switch locks, and monitor riding data to help users achieve a more comfortable riding experience.