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Elf sliding

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Comprehensive exemption from collateral

Comprehensive deposit free use of vehicles to ensure the safety of user funds

Safe and user-friendly

Continuously upgrading products, providing a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

Scan the QR code to use the car

A one-stop travel platform for easy scanning and riding.

Civilized sliding

Advocate for safe urban driving and jointly build a good riding order.

LSSC ride

More secure, convenient, and fashionable
Redefining Shared Mobility

As our market share continues to grow, we will gradually expand our shared product lines and various types of equipment and fully promote them to the market. This strategy will help us broaden our business areas, increase our business scope, and bring broader profit prospects to the company. At the same time, this will also provide greater profit margins for our employees and partners. We believe that this is not only a business expansion, but also a meaningful shared economic development project that will greatly promote the optimal allocation and sustainable use of social resources.